Pollo Mendi is a combination of Italian and Arabic language, in line with the theme of the restaurant that serves appetizing Italian and Middle Eastern cuisine.

In Italian, the word "Pollo" means chicken while in Arabic, the word "Mendi" conveys one of the many techniques used to cook rice and chicken in Middle Eastern style. "Pollo" and "Mendi" were designed as such, using two different stylistics of Khat which also symbolizes the combination of Italy and Middle East under one roof.

The word "Pollo" is written using the unique scripture of Kufi Khat, showcasing the uniqueness and the modern side of Islamic calligraphy. Although "Mendi" is written in Romanized spelling, it retains the authenticity of the Khat stylistics.

The colour green, white and red were inspired by the Italian flag. The colour white can also be used to signify that this restaurant takes heed in its cleanliness, tidiness and sincerity.

Overall, the logo emphasizes its authentic and unique design.